Friday, December 7, 2007

My Comic

Meta-Tribes first and foremost about morally grey people with godlike powers beating the crap out of each other.

Secondly, it is about the demands of complicated relationships that can make us better or worse people.

Meta-Tribes is also about the convictions that drive us to be altruistic or self-centered, compromising or committed, confrontational or accommodating, and to love or to hate. 

Individuals from several unstable super teams contemplate their messed up lives 
while they kill each other over conflicting values and agendas, 
all the while an ancient army gears up to wipe out everyone. 

Superhero / mature readers, think '2000A.D. published by Vertigo'

The story takes place in the city-states of a future primitive Mesopotamia 
devoid of modern ethics and human rights.

The story is told through a series of non-chronological snap shots from the lives of dozens of characters 
related by several degrees of separation, every story is cross cut with flashbacks.  
The tone is both ‘grim and gritty’ and introspective.

All Meta-Tribe characters are remixed versions of the classic super hero models.  It it more or less a consolidation of heroes and teams from a variety of publishers, but with a postmodern twist.

The Meranti, ancient subterranean army that is coming to reclaim the earth by eliminating the human race. 

Dahud of Kayn, Monarch over a third world holy land, 
mediating violent factions and recovering from a relationship with a woman from Norvahl.  
(Matter/energy transmutation)

Saimak of PersicaƤ, a super-cop with stolen battle armor (that is re-writing his DNA) chasing a Kayin terrorist 
from his corporately controlled mega-city all the way across the badlands that are way out of his jurisdiction. 
(Genetically optimized physiology)

Zhamas of Susa, Prime Minister of a city cursed with a plague that he is unknowingly causing, 
wants to impose his idea of utopia on the rest of the world 
and is manipulating the world stage to have a crack at the Meranti. 
(Vaporizes people with nuclear fusion)

Zandor of the Aegys, mystic leader of an inner circle of paranormalists in an extreme religious sect.  
He is obsessed with an evil goddess that he accidentally gave access to our dimension. 
(sorcerer that has grafted multiple occult artifacts into his body)

Archon of Kreas, a lieutenant from a nation of freed PersicaƤn slaves and gladiators 
that keep selling themselves back into oppression. 
(Iceman powers)

Sharukien of Nin’eva, Empress that sacrificed her humanity for the power to save humanity from the Meranti, 
but since giving up her humanity she no longer cares about humanity. 
(replaced her soul with a nightmare actualizer)

Roneth of Norvahl, lord over a group of super barbarians 
that have some very disturbing addictions.  
(generic super strength, invulnerability and flight)

The Ziggurats, ancient temple/crafts that might be from the future or the past, 
another galaxy or another dimension, 
the mythic plane or beyond the fourth wall.

The Disciples of Esh'la, a brutal gang of Kayin vigilantes that dish out harsh justice. 
(shotguns, motorcycles and dynamite)

The Faction of Four, Violent extremists that have begun to take their political demonstrations outside of Kayn.
(a human bomb, a blood elemental, a smoke elemental, and a human Katamari)

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