Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Paranormal was so last year

I've blogged before about paranormal stuff, but I guess it's time to tell the stories of my own personal encounters of the unexplained.
I'll start with my ghost story.

I was living in an apartment above a coffee shop in Arlington
with a home recording studio set up in my bedroom
(what a great beginning, how cool am I?)
I was in the living room sitting on the couch watching the Nanny with some popcorn, soda, and my cat on my lap
(not so cool now am I)
suddenly there was the sound from my room of someone banging their fists up and down the keys of my keyboard at top volume.
My cat jumped off my lap, I spilled my popcorn and soda and I missed the punch line of one of the Nanny's jokes, all I know is that there was some misunderstanding about the sexual tension between the nanny and her boss.
I ran into my bedroom, just as I turned the corner, the sound stopped and there was no one there.

On another occasion it was my turn to take the trash out to the dumpster behind our building in the lot with no lamp at the bottom of the exorcist staircase.  I was putting the trash away and I had this funny feeling that there was someone behind me.  I turned around and I could have sworn that there was dude wearing some of old postal uniform, but I dismissed it as the heebie jeebies.

Sometimes in the middle of the night me and my room mate would here music coming from the attic.  One day we decided to take a look up there.  We found an old hand crank Victrola record player with a large brass speaker horn.  It was beautiful, before I could say anything my room mate gave it to this stupid girl that was with us that he had a crush on.  How cool would it have been to have had a haunted record player?

Later we learned that our building used to be the headquarters for the American Nazi Party and that the leader was killed on the front steps of the building (I saw a photo of him in an old newspaper clipping and he was wearing a Nazi uniform that looked like that postal dude by the trash) and that was all his junk in our attic, including a huge printing press.

Okay, so now the UFO story.
I was camping out in Middleburg with my group of goofy teens.  In the middle of the night I heard this sound that woke me up.  At first it seemed like some one driving up on a motorcycle but the sound got way louder than a motorcycle.  The sound itself was kind of like multiple pulsating frequencies.  

My first thought was, "are you kidding me with this crap?"

Second thought, 
"Who the hell is playing German Avant-electro at 3am... IN MIDDLEBURG?!?!?"

Third thought, 
"If this #$$ doesn't put a lid on it by the time I get my boots on, I'm smashing their face."
(I'm not very cheery when I've been woken up in the middle of the night by German techno)

I opened up the tent, the sound was coming from right above me.  It was as loud as a helicopter but there was no wind and I couldn't see anything... the sky was clear.  The noise moved off into the distance and I shrugged and went back to sleep.  Then next morning I asked the others if they heard that weird noise and they all said unenthusiastically, 'yea, that was weird'
I scratched my head and pondered deep questions like, 'how am I going to make coffee in a pot of water on a camp fire?'

That's it.  Kids today are not impressed by anything.  If it's a close encounter of the 2nd or 3rd kind, don't waste our time.  NOW 4TH OR 5TH KIND?, okay, now we can blog about something.  And I'm the same way.  Here I am talking about it and I'm a little bored.
That Nanny stuff was funny though.

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Karswell said...

>"Who the hell is playing German Avant-electro at 3am..."

Maybe it was the ghost nazi from the first part of your post?

My mom used to tell me stories about my dad coming home from work late at night after she had already gone to bed, and she could hear the sound of him coming in the room, attempting to be quiet but inevitably he would always drop his clanky keys on the dresser like he did everynight as he undressed for bed, trying (as I said) to be quiet so not to wake my mom. This clanky keyring sound of course always woke her up but it was also a sort of "security sound" for her and she could now drift back into a deeper slumber knowing my father had arrived home and was safe. But of course he was killed in a car accident when I was 5 and she was still hearing this "clanky keys on wood dresser" sound for years after when she'd be laying in bed at night. She said it never scared her though, she felt like it was just something that he knew made her happy in a weird way and it was carrying over somehow, from somewhere...