Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dora the Explora

The difference between a rational decision and an act of faith is the difference between doing what is practical versus helping someone at your own expense.

I saw a some lady sitting on the concrete with her two kids, approximate ages 18 months and
 2 and half.
The mom had a look of hopelessness on her face.

I said 'hi' from a distance and then walked up to them and asked her if she needed help.
Now, I'm not much to look at.   I had just rolled out of bed and my day-old luke warm coffee wasn't doing anything for me.

In broken english she said that she was waiting for her husband.  She said that he is working at a restaurant and is probably busy. I told her that I had a car seat and could give her a ride home or take her to her husband's restaurant.  We went to Beijing Express, I got a free diet coke.

The 18 month old girl was playing with my daughter's Dora Ipod.  She was a little frazzled.  
This family looked like they were right off the boat and living in the back of the kitchen of this sleazy joint.  
I gave her the ipod.

Why was the poor lady who loved her babies in this situation?  
Is she a selfish person or did she make bad choices?
Does she have some emotional baggage that sabotages everything in her life?
Does life just suck for some people?
Does it matter?

There was a sign that said the owner reserved the right to refuse any business.
Ministry is the business of helping and loving people, and no one gets turned away.

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Josh said...


this is an amazing post. it is so good to hear something from you...and this is quite a beautiful story. it might be my favorite post from you....

i hope you are doing well. we've missed seeing you around NorthStar stuff...i hope we can hang out soon man!