Friday, February 22, 2008


I loved Godzilla when I was a kid.
I would search the newspaper TV guide every Sunday to find out if there was a G-movie showing.

About once every six months there would be, at like 2 am.
I would sneak out of bed try so hard to stay away to watch it, but at the age of ten, 2am is a tall order.  I would usually get to see the opening credits and then fall asleep after 30 minutes of Japanese actors talking about some environmental issue like smog, underwater nuclear testing, or dumping trash in space.

Good thing Godzilla stopped all of mother natures creatures that were sent to punish humanity for destroying the Earth.

Now days you can get every Godzilla movie re-mastered, letter-boxed, and have the choice of subbed or dubbed, complete with production extras and original trailers.
But for some reason I just can't seem to dish out the bucks to include G-movies into my library.
But some how Scorpion King made it in...

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