Monday, February 18, 2008



This is what our culture is producing...

"Who doesn't like money? I mean, I don't know."

Reporter asks, "Do you have any remorse about stealing from a 9-year-old girl?"
Stefanie Woods responds, "I mean, right now, no. I'm kinda pissed because I have charges, and we have to give the money back anyway."

"I know it's a crime, but it was an easy crime."

"I'm not sorry, I'm just pissed that I got caught,"

"We went through all that effort to get it, we got all these charges and we had to give the money back. I'm kind of pissed,"

If Ian MacKaye were here, 
he would grab that Frappuccino out of her hand 
and smash it over  her head and say,
 "Chill Out"
...maybe I'm thinking of Schwarzenegger. 

The latest report is that Woods went back to the Mall with her friend to harass the little girl and taunt her.

okay, I just found this...

I just finished Dexter season 2, which is weird 
because it takes place in Florida just like this story.  It made me think about a lot of things.  Like vigilanteism.  I love comics, but the heroes are vigilantes.  They have no accountability.  Sometimes I find myself wanting legitimate authorities to have more accountability, so why would I be entertained by people that dish out judgement without any refereed investigation?
I think one of the many reasons why the concept of the Christian God is so unpopular is the idea that no escapes judgement.  There is a force above human systems that knows every hidden deed, every bit of darkness in our hearts and minds, and that all of it will be judged.
Every once in a while I catch myself wanting to see unhindered justice, and I want to see it come down hard.  This is usually when I see some irresponsible parent letting their kids run wild.  But, I'm not innocent either...
A friend of mine told me that to see evil you don't have to look much further than yourself.
What kind of world would it be if everyone stopped holding each other (or their children) accountable because of their own guilt?

This is what our culture is producing...


Anonymous said...

12 months in the womens correction facility will wipe the arrogance off her face and instill a sense of reality.

Tom said...

nice brian...can't wait to read the next vent!

Anonymous said...

ha! i know both of them, used to be friends with them 3 years ago before they turned into complete dirt, and TRUST ME, she plans on going right back to drugs and stealing as soon as she gets out.

i know this. FACTUALLY.

Eric said...

why is a little girl walking around with $150 bucks? and why is this even on the news? who gives a shit this isnt world news man- this is just 2 bratty girls who snatched some money. They arent cold criminals that should be in jail. The crime is pettty, let the girls got to deal with there shit. These news stories seem like a vendetta more than an unbiased news story

Meta-Tribes said...

Eric, the girl was not walking around with $150.
She was a Girlscout selling her cookies at a table in front of a Win-Dixie.

The story isn't about a petty crime, it is about the moral void in two average American teens. The implications are alarming, thus news worthy, these average teens that have no remorse about stealing from a little girl in public and in broad daylight are the product of a consumer culture and poor parenting. My reason for posting this is my concern that this materialistically driven moral void may become the hallmark of the emergent generation.

thats all.

Meta-Tribes said...

also, if you're going to swear on my blog you should take ownership of your comments. Open your profile and post a picture of yourself. Otherwise your voice really has no weight.

Lauren said...

Just in case you boys were wondering,

here she is on Myspace. >:O

pamela said...

Well, I hope that either something happens to make these two little bitches realize what they did is wrong or that something happens to take them off the face of the earth so they don't waste anymore air. I would love to smack their heads together.

Anonymous said...

Diana Zeltzer snitching for immunity

Anonymous said...

Yall need to lay off my girl. act like she killed someone! yeah she was into drugs! but shes doing alot better now! so stop concernin about other people! nosey ass people! jump off my girls dick! and for all yall nosey ass people, she will be out soon so fuck that and let her be!

mind ya own!!

stefanie see ya soon my love!!

-----love your one and only NAFI cuban... you kno who this is!

Brooke said...

She is hot, she will get picked up by a major magazine soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, she's been picked up by the cops. She'll probably be going away for 5 years this time.

Nice.. I'd bang her though.

Anonymous said...

Stefanie was a good friend of mine. Im still close with everyone that we hungout with in a group and we all kinda split for a lil an its sad to see her where she's at but girl was on drugs, i struggled with the same addiction for two years & know what its like. Get your mind right leave her alone

meghan.puglisi said...
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meghan.puglisi said...

I knew stefanie in 8th grade and frankly this is the dumbest waste of an article. First off, if you're going to QUOTE Stefanie, then quote STEFANIE not DIANA. Two different people. OK she stole money from a girl scout, I feel sorry for the girl scout, but seriously, that's life. People murder others everyday, let's worry about that verses a $167 crime that she didn't even get away with. For the one who said wipe her arrogance off, you're just as arrogant for even writing that about a "bitch" you don't even know. Why don't you take a look in the mirror before juding someone you pompus ass. With that said, I hope her new charges are released and fuck this girl scout story, it's really not that serious.

Anonymous said...

She says all this whilst she sips on a coffee and wears her Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses... What a total fucking idiot. They need to set a new precedence and lock the both of them up or something. This is disgusting!