Monday, December 8, 2008

Software Synthesizers

never mind all of this.
The only soft synths worth my attention are the Omnisphere and Alchemy.
(actually I own Absynth and it rules)
The fourier re-synthesizing of Alchemy blows my mind.
And the 'Steam Engine' of Omnisphere picks up my scrammbled brains and shoves them back into my skull.

I know there are a lot of quality virtual analogs out there, 
but I'm just feeling pretty played-out on that whole va sound.
There just needs to be new ideas in synth architecture!
Actually the Arturia Origin seems pretty friggin cool as far as originality goes.
If they could make additive, granular, and wavetable oscillator modules I would be all over them.  
I also wouldn't mind some good Oberheim and Prophet filter emulations... 
maybe even a formant filter... hell, an FS1R model while I'm at it.
Could you imagine Frankenstiening all those modules together?!?!?!?
It'll never happen though, Arturia is all about analog emulations.
I should make my own synth. It would totally be a keytar!!!

Additive, granular, and wavetable (true wavetable) is the way to go.
Actually the FM synthesis of the FS1R is still pretty friggin cool in my book, 
8 freq operators and 8 formant operators?!?!? Can you even believe it!

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