Thursday, January 1, 2009

Surly MacLaine

I don't care how many times you spin around on the beach hugging yourself, you're not God.

Unless I don't understand what the word God means.  

If it means; a tripped out hippie playing dervish on the beach then... 

...I guess there really is a God... 

...and it might explain a lot of design flaws in the human condition.

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Matthew H Camp said...

i was whirling around on a a beach the other day and picked up a copy of the Nemesis the Warlock 7-Issue Necro Series for next to nothing. It's a NECRO series, man!

I imagine you replaced this gem in your collection already. But, if you haven't, I'd be happy to mail you this set.

Recently found some of the Brian Bolland issues and that was a treat, too. With Sam Keith covers? How cool.