Friday, April 24, 2009

LOST and Jules Verne

parallels between LOST and Mysterious Island

Cyrus Harding and Jack Shephard
Neb and Kate 
Pencroft and James Sawyer
Aryton and Rousseau
Lamay and Sayid

Nemo and Benjamin Linus
Pirate Bob Harvey and Charles Widmore
Jane and Juliet
Alex and Nemo's daughter
Li and Richard
orangutang named Joop (clearly an homage)

Island with strange properties
hot air balloon
pirate ship
misfit group of castaways
scientist people
pirate people
Nemo's weapon and the buried atom bomb
building a raft
beach refuge

I'm sure there are tone more parallels.
I suspect that LOST will end with Ben helping the castaways, Widmore getting killed by the island and then the island being destroyed (Ben going down with the island), leaving the castways lost again to begin their next adventure.

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