Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Iranian Blog

Here's a blog entry I found on an Iranian blog site.

The purpose of the following survey was to find out
what issues/challenges Iranian immigrants had met
living outside Iran.

- 91% stated their biggest issue, is the difference
between running water & toilet paper.
- 87% percent of this group stated that it took them
more than two & half years to get used to paper.
- 74% of this group said that they still dream about
- Of this 74%, 61% sometimes during their stay, bought
either the authentic Aaftaabeh or the plastic garden
watering tool.
- Only 7.5% of this group were successfully able to
use the Aaftaabeh or the garden variety.
- Due to be sitting on the bowl, the other 92.5% had
difficulty pouring the water out near the correct
- Many gave up after finding it too messy.
- The 7.5% successful people stated, squatting on the
bowl, as the reason for their success.
- 50% of these group had fallen off the bowl several
times, before mastering the art.
- 82% of the unlucky 92.5%, have been taking daily
showers to compensate.
- The other 18%, still taking weekly showers.
- 2% had once or twice brought in the garden hose to
the bathroom, but found it difficult to run outside to
shut the water down with their pants down.
- 1% declined comments.

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