Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Too much TV

I like to watch TV.  
I think the medium has come a long way in a short time.  
I used to want to watch a show to veg out, not think.  
There was one dark period in my life when I would watch several episodes of The Nanny every night.  
What was wrong with me you ask? 
I don't like to talk about it.

I don't want to veg out anymore.  I want to be provoked to thought and inspiration.  I want to be surprised, I don't want to be able to predict what is going happen.  And I like analyzing the message and style of a show.  I love seeing a dramatic conflict of values and ideals played out in a creative way.  
But the fact still remains, I watch a lot of TV.

Recently I have seen Rome, Deathnote, Dexter, and Veronica Mars.  
Last year I was into Heroes, Battlestar, Doctor Who, and LOST.
The year before that it was Alias, Angel, Gantz, Smallville, and Justice League
Then there was Buffy, Father Ted, Arrested Development, and Band of Brothers
And then it becomes a blur...Sealab...Mr. Show...The Nanny...

So now I have to this healthy?
Am I a better person for spending all this time in front of the idiot box?

I still manage to get other things done.

In the last four years I have gone on three foreign mission trips, helped organize a rally for Darfur, met the President of the United States, graduated college, held internships at a children's group home, a pre-school, a geriatric facility, and the Arlington Courthouse.  I've also been remodeling my house, learning digital painting and writing a short story. Then there is the whole husband, father, pastor thing.

I like to use clips in messages that I present.  I try to use scenes from current shows.
There a lot of themes that emerge in modern programming that are relevant our spiritual journey.  But at some's all just The Nanny.

BTW, Bladerunner is awesome in Blu-ray

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