Friday, November 7, 2008

the rhythm is gonna get me

I'm getting back into music... synthesizers specifically.
I'm getting rid of all my old avant-garde junk and hopefully just getting a couple a versatile and modern pieces that sound great.

Here's one that I'm looking at.  
The Access Virus, it's a virtual analog beast.
I've always loved the crisp euro sound.
All my favorite Progressive House programmers use this thing.

Here's another one that I actually just bid on and lost.  
This is the Waldorf Mircrowave XTK.
It is based on wavetable synthesis, 
something I've wanted since I was 18, 
about seven-teen years ago. 
I couldn't find a good demo of the sounds on You-tube, so here's it's little brother, the MW2.

I've always really like FM synthisis, 
but hated that the Yamaha stuff never had resonate filters.
So now they have this cute little groove box, 
it's like a DX7 with knobs, 
built in effects, and A FILTER!!!

It features a rhythm section with step sequencing.  All in all a pretty cool little toy.

I have the Korg Electribe series and some soft synth stuff like Reason and Absynth so I guess I'll be in pretty good shape.
My friend Jeff plays guitar and drums really well, he has some really nice gear and knows about three people with Pro-tools studios with a bagillion plug-ins.  One guy has a V-drum.  Who knows, we might make some cool junk.

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