Monday, November 24, 2008

Custom Keytar Midi Controller

Who ever wants to build this for me, I will pay handsomely.
It needs to have velocity and aftertouch on the lower keyboard.
The neck keyboard should be very flat, like buttons, but more than just a printed plastic film. The neck wouldn't have velocity, but still needs to have aftertouch. The pitchbend bar is raised for the option to put a thumb under it or palm down. It should be pretty stiff.

Any extra standard midi controller functions that I forgot can go on the back of the body.

I was thinking that there could be either different styles or just a removable blank matte cover plate that you could customize.
Kinda like some cell phones.

My style ideas are:
Euro-Future, Rusted Cyber-Blood
Gloom Sexy. London Garage
57 Cherry, Mahogany Pearl
Rhyme & Bass, Blue Soul
Black Tie, Video Killed the Radio Star

There should be a contest for who can come up with the coolest designs based on these names.

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